Case Studies

3/16/2016 Case Studies

Case Study: Consolidated Health Plans

CHP has undergone multiple IT audits including security, compliance and financial, for which Digital Edge assisted with the documentation and knowledge management system, addressing all of the auditors’ concerns. Additionally, DE provides 24/7 infrastructure management, including knowledge management, help desk, monitoring, and problem resolution.

3/16/2016 Case Studies

Case Study: New York City Health & Hospitals Corporation (HHC)

NYCHHC is restructuring the health care system to provide better care for the citizens of NYC. Digital Edge was contracted to assist the NYCHHC in understanding the technology capabilities, maturity and needs of partners, in particular as they relate to the goals and metrics of DSRIP.

1/1/2015 Case Studies

Case Study: Kumon

In 2009, the client made a decision to implement centralized accounting system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX for its North and South America operations.