Best Cloud Service for Storing and Processing Financial Data

Digital Edge provides best cloud based environment for financial industry professionals allowing to process and store data in the cloud. Work remotely, securely and conveniently. Dedicated cloud environment under security controls, ready for SOC1/2 audits, NIST compliant. VPN, 2FA enabled.


  1. Stability and security operating remotely in the cloud. Fully dedicated cloud processing with VPN access to your environment.
  2. Two phase authentication.
  3. All data is automatically backed up. Business Continuity processes. Historical archives.
  4. Single working environment for all remote employees. Access from desktops, laptops, tablets. 
  5. All data is encrypted - in transition and rest.  


Flexible plans are available:

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum

Size: 1-3 employees

Support: 50 hours a year

Size: 3-8 employees

Support: 100 hours a year

Size: 8-20 employees

Support: 250 included

Size: more than 20

Support: Unlimited

$200 $550 $1100 Need to assess


All plans include following features:

  • VPN access to the environment with 2 phase authentication.
  • Full insulation, security, provicy.
  • Full encryption of the traffic and data (self encrypted SSDs + VPN).
  • Backup and business continuity.
  • Ran in compliance with NIST Core.
  • Ready for SOC 1/2 reporting.
  • 24/7 support guarantee uptime.
  • Support team with knowledge of IT aspects financial services and applications.


If you have immediate needs or have a cyber security incident please contact our Support Team emailing support@digitaledge.net 24/7.

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