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Backup Solutions

Although it may be tedious and time-consuming, the “Backup” process is a crucial and integral part of any enterprise. Typical Backup issues/challenges are…

  • Jobs failures;
  • Free space runs out;
  • Tapes need to be rotated and sent offsite;
  • And most importantly, backups have to be verified and validated as often as possible.

Digital Edge provides services that go beyond software and storage. We work with our clients to develop policies, implement them, validate the implementation and regularly test the data. These are the questions we ask in order to develop a backup strategy that meets your Business Continuity Plan’s goals and objectives…

  • Do you have a fully defined Business Continuity Plan (BCP), including RPOs and RTOs?
  • Did you include monitoring and verification procedures?
  • What is your protocol and frequency for testing?
  • What is your approach for analyzing and optimizing your solution?
  • Have you considered Cloud Backup Service, Cloud Storage Service, and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)?

To ensure the process runs effectively, we execute frequently scheduled Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that test the functionality of the overall solution. We continually optimize our Backup technology to guarantee our clients do not waste their capacities and resources. For example, databases have their own highly efficient mechanisms for backup which we use to preserve transactional data integrity and deliver fast recovery.

Digital Edge will deliver a complete and robust Business Continuity Solution by documenting your business requirements, including RPOs and RTOs, providing comprehensive design, implementing 24/7 monitoring, and verification. In addition, we can play a critical role in your Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan by verifying and validating scheduled backups for compliance reporting.

Digital Edge’s solution features….

  1. our own backup infrastructure.
  2. instant access to on-demand backup storage.
  3. offsite tapes, storage, and tape rotations management.
  4. backup software or can integrate with your own backup software, monitor it and address any failures.
  5. backups delivered as offsite/cloud-based storage with disks only or using disk-to-tapes methodology.

Further, Digital Edge can play a critical role in your Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity Plan by verifying and validating backups for regularly scheduled compliance reporting.

Storage Solutions

These are the top 5 questions to consider when looking for a potential provider and our answers:

  1. On encryption keys: Assuming that my file data is encrypted on your storage, who has access to the encryption keys? We use self-encrypting disks from Fujitsu. If you have access to the server – you can see the data. If someone just takes the disks – the data will not be readable.


  1. On tech support access to data files: Does tech support -- employees, contractors or third parties -- have access to the files I store on your cloud service? Access to the server is controlled by the client. Access is granted to our support technicians per client needs.


  1. On keyword scanning: Do you or any third party scan or otherwise process my data files? If so, what is done with the information obtained during the scan? No.


  1. On copies of data files: To provide a secure, redundant service, is it safe to assume that you back up or replicate my data files to another location or system? If so, what controls are in place to keep internal staff or third parties from accessing those copies of my data files? Backups are done on the whole VM level. It can be restored but to access data you would still need access to the server. Backups are stored on systems belonging to Digital Edge and not sent outside of our datacenter. Employment agreements and policies prohibit accessing client’s data without a request ticket from the client. We operate under ISO 27001 for data security.


  1. On audits: How do you audit your own internal policies with respect to unauthorized internal access to customer data files? Once a year we run internal audit and then ISO audit based on ISO 27001 standard.


Digital Edge has significantly invested in research and development of strategic partnerships with data storage industry leaders to deliver a set of data storage products delivering lower cost and increased infrastructure efficiency through standardization, modularization, flexible and extendable solutions.

Digital Edge’s Storage solutions make advanced storage affordable and accessible to all company sizes, as well as…

  • improve capacity,
  • better protect information assets and provide better availability,
  • incrementally scale while leveraging previous investments,
  • simplify operation,
  • lower cost of ownership,
  • provide single point of accountability,
  • demonstrate high return on investments,
  • evolve infrastructure to meet increasing demands,
  • evolve infrastructure without critical service interruption.

Let Digital Edge’s “Proof of Concept” program show you how valuable our Backup Management and Storage solutions can be to your business!
















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