Technology Concepts

Digital Edge is proud to be top-tier of High Tech Engineers. Starting with punch cards and mainframes, through LAN/client server architectures and early web applications to the virtualization and cloud era, our High Tech Engineers have been through it all and know it all. 

Our experience, our engineering spirit, and our fundamental knowledge is at the core of Technology Solutions and Services Delivered to Digital Edge, always providing Stability, Security, and Compliance

Some of our Technology Concepts: 

1. Digital Edge selects and aids clients in selecting hardware and software based on 3 criteria: in the order of importance:

  • Stability – to provide uninterruptable operation with sufficient performance. The balanced decision is made between industry reputation and perception of the vendor, as well as, Digital Edge’s own experience and proven track records. 
  • Security – the product must be built up to Enterprise level security standards. Underlying technology and industry reputation is considered. 
  • Compliance – the technology should be able to produce logs required by most compliance regulations and frameworks

2. We design our custom solutions first, and then select appropriate software and hardware vendors. 

3. Technology solutions that we design are not biased. We do not prefer Microsoft over Linux. We do not prefer IBM over Dell. We prefer the best tailored solution for your business to thrive, and to ensure that it is cost efficient.  


We serve only clients' technology and engineering interests. Everything we design or service must be sound, intelligent, on the edge of technology, as well as Stable, Secure, and Compliant. 

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