Fintech is in our DNA

We cultivate trust within Fintech and Financial service firms by providing integrated, end-to-end solutions in Cybersecurity, Compliance and Operations.


Integrated cybersecurity compliance and operations for regulated Fintech and financial services.

Fintech and financial companies face the dual challenge of gaining trust in their solutions and adhering to ever-evolving cybersecurity laws and regulations. Navigating this complexity requires an integrated approach to cybersecurity compliance and operations, ensuring seamless alignment with regulatory requirements while safeguarding the integrity of financial innovations.

Who We Are:
Digital Edge is more than just a team; we are a global network of engineering professionals with our main hub located in New York. Specializing in compliance, cybersecurity, and operations, we bring integrated solutions to clients in the financial services and fintech sectors. Our passion lies in driving digital transformation and creating value by instilling assurance, trust, and confidence, whether in the cloud or on-premise. Explore more about our identity and mission by watching this video.

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Robust cybersecurity and adherence to regulations are imperative for maintaining a "license to conduct business", establishing trust, and sealing deals with potential clients.

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To keep cybersecurity and compliance programs sustainable, Fintech Companies must integrate a continuous approach to current technology and be financially viable.

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We provide cutting edge solutions that extend our commitment beyond the confines of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) ensuring that industry standards are not only met but exceeded, securing customer confidence 24/7.

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FinTech Solutions
for Impact

  • Increase Trust
  • Accelerate Sales Cycle
  • Reduce Cost of Operation
  • Full Information Security Management Framework
  • Information classification in compliance with GDPR requirements
  • Risk matrix and risk treatment documentation and practices
  • Internal audit documentation for RFPs and cybersecurity questioners
  • Documentation aligning your controls to client's regulatory requirements
  • Set of policies and procedures

Empowering FinTech