Digital Edge guarantees unwavering stability and security, providing impenetrable protection for FinTech environments, including infrastructure, data, and operational systems in both on-premise and cloud environments. Our integrated, robust strategy encompasses cybersecurity, compliance, and operations, ensuring heightened efficiency and security assurances backed by our deep expertise. We are a dedicated team of certified DevOps and SecOps engineers skilled in the most innovative technological solutions for FinTech organizations.

Air-Tight Cybersecurity Strategies For Fintechs

Our integrated solution combines legal, regulatory, cybersecurity, and operational proficiency tailored specifically for Fintechs. Our people, tools, and processes establish a sustainable operational framework for SaaS, dedicated SaaS, and private deployments.

Cybersecurity requires hypervigilence and constant adaptation Mike Petrov, CEO
Pen Testing

Activities that will improve our organization’s ability to defend, detect, and respond to relevant, real-world threats.

Vulnerability Testing

The process involves actively scanning and analyzing the target system for known vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and security issues.

Web and Mobile App Testing

Web application and mobile testing arecrucial components of software testing that focus on ensuring the functionality, security, performance, and usability of web-based and mobile applications

24/7 Monitoring & Alerting

Digital Edge can provide continuous oversight and notification systems that are in place around the clock to observe the status, performance and security of systems, networks, apps or any other IT infrastructure components

Risk Assessment

Our goal of a risk assessment is to understand the potential impact of uncertainties on your organization's activities and to develop the proper strategies for managing and mitigating these risks.

Incident Response

No matter the attack Digital Edge has the experience mitigating the threat and remediating the damage across endpoint, network, identity, and cloud environment


Need an interim virtual chief information security officer to oversee information data security and ensure you have the people, tools and processes in place

Cloud Strategies

Cloud Assessment


Cloud Migration


Cloud Management