Digital Edge – Authorized Sophos MSP Partner

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Digital Edge is an authorized Sophos MSP partner! As an MSP partner, Digital Edge has the ability to offer our clients the full suite of Sophos cybersecurity solutions at a discounted cost. Additionally, our clients can benefit from monthly commitments to allow your organization to scale license usage with relative ease.

The Sophos cybersecurity suite of products includes:

  • Intercept X Endpoint
  • Intercept X for Server
  • XG Firewall
  • Sophos Email
  • Phish Threat (Email Phishing Training)
  • Sophos Mobile

See below for key features of some of these products and solutions. Please contact for more information and pricing.

Intercept X Endpoint Features

Automatically detect and prioritize potential threats and quickly see where to focus attention and know whichmachines may be impacted
Go beyond the endpoint by incorporating cross-product data sources for even more visibility
Ransomware file protection, automatic file recovery, and behavioral analysis to stop ransomware and boot record attacs
Artificial intelligence built into Intercept X that detects both known and unknown malware without relying on signatures
Deny attackers by blocking the exploits and techniques used to disrtibute malware, steal credentials, and escape detection
Elite team of threat hunters and response experts who take targeted actions on your behalf to neutralixe even the most sophisticated threats
Active adversary mitigation prevents persistence on machines, credential theft protection, and malicious traffic detection
Manage your endpoint protection, EDR, XDR and other Sophos solutions from a unified console
Sophos solutions automatically share data and take responce actions
Take threat hunting and IT security operations to the next level with powerful querying and remote response capabilities
Detect suspicious access events, insecure hosts, containers and serverless deployments, while monitoring configurations
Prevent unauthorized programs running on your servers and recieve notification if attempts are made to tamper with critical files
Secure your Windows and Linux* deployments in the cloud, on-premises, virtual machines or hybrid setups

Sophos Firewall Features

Visability and protection

Deep Packet Inspection

Encrypted Traffic

Cloud Sandbox

Web Protection

User Identity

The Xstream Deep-Packet Inspection (DPI) engine provides high-perfomance traffic scanning for IPS, AV, Web Protection, and App Control in a single streaming engine.

Xstream TLS Inspection 1.3 with industry-leading perfomance, visibility, policy tools, and built-in intelligence removes an enormous blind spot in your protection.

Sophos Zero-day Dynamic File Analysis uses next-gen cloud-sandbox technology powered by deep-learning and the best technology from Intercept X , to provide your organization with the best protection against zero-day threats like the latest ransomware and targeted attacks coming in through phishing, spam, or web downloads.

Sophos’ Web Protection engine is backed by SophosLabs and includes innovative technologies required to identify and block the latest web threats.

User identity-based policies and unique user risk analysis give you the knowledge and power to regain control of your users before they become a serious threat to your network.

Networking and Access


Site-to-Site VPN

Remote Access VPN

Core Networking

Sophos Firewall integrates all features you need to enable your SD-WAN connectivity, quality, security, and continuity goals.

Sophos Firewall supports all standarts-based VPN technologies as well as our own light-weight extremely robust layer 2 RED tunnels.

Sophos Connect is a free VPN client for remote access that makes supporting a remote workforce easy.

Sophos Firewall offers the most advanced enterprise-grade networking technology avaliable for NAT, routing and bridging.

Management and reporting

Sophos Central Management

Central Firewall Reporting

Dashboard and Alerts

Sophos Central provides powerful centralized management, reporting. and zero-touch deployment for all your XG Firewalls and Sophos products from a single console.

Central Firewall Reporting Advanced, provides flexible and powerful tools to create your own custom viewsof network activity and threats across your entire network.

Sophos Firewall’s carefully crafted control center analyzes extensive back-end data sources to surface just the information you need to respond quickly to changes in your network.

Sophos Phish Threat Training

1. Training Modules

  • a. Over 60 effective training modules to educate users about threats ranging from suspicious emails to credential harvesting
  • b. Socially relevant simulation templates
  • c. Available in 10 languages

2. Comprehensive Reporting

  • a. Organizational trends of caught employees
  • b. Testing coverage
  • c. Time since previous campaign

3. Measure overall risk levels across your organization

4. No hardware or software to install – all available in Sophos Central