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5/28/2024 Case Studies

Case Study: Proactive Monitoring System for Payment Pages with AWS Lambda

About: XYZ, a non-profit organization focused on enhancing maternal and infant health, faces the challenge of safeguarding payment pages to comply with PCI DSS regulations while handling sensitive donor data.

Challenge: PCI DSS compliance requires XYZ to actively monitor the integrity of payment pages to prevent malicious attacks and unauthorized changes. This necessitates a robust solution capable of detecting and responding to potential security threats promptly.

Solution: To address this challenge, Digital Edge (DE) implemented a proactive monitoring system utilizing AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, and SNS. This custom file integrity monitoring (FIM) solution conducts regular scans, compares file hashes against baseline values, and triggers alerts in case of discrepancies.

Business Benefit: DE's solution empowers XYZ to maintain compliance with PCI DSS regulations while enhancing the security posture of its donation processing environment. By actively monitoring payment pages and promptly addressing security threats, XYZ can minimize the risk of data breaches and maintain donor trust.

Value-Added Benefits:

  1. Enhanced Security: Proactive monitoring helps XYZ detect and respond to unauthorized changes, reducing the likelihood of data breaches and financial losses.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: The solution ensures adherence to PCI DSS requirements, demonstrating XYZ's commitment to industry standards and best practices in data security.
  3. Operational Efficiency: Leveraging AWS serverless technologies streamlines security monitoring efforts, allowing XYZ to focus on its mission-critical activities without compromising on security standards.
  4. Timely Incident Response: Integration with Amazon SNS enables swift notification of security issues, facilitating immediate investigation and remediation to minimize disruptions to donation processing operations.
4/23/2024 Compliance

Strengthen Your Cyber Defense: Protecting Against 91% of Cyber Attacks with Digital Edge's MDR Solution

Basic security tools, such as firewalls, antivirus software (AV), and encryption tools, while essential, often lack the sophistication needed to combat evolving cyber threats effectively.

4/18/2024 Compliance

Privacy Preserving Machine Learning (PPML) is Essential for AI Development

As the AI revolution gains momentum, the global focus on controlling its impact intensifies. In the realm of privacy and cybersecurity, there's a growing concern about the trajectory of AI and our responsibilities within it.

4/10/2024 Presentations

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2/1/2024 Presentations

Digital Edge: AWS Presentation

Modern Solutions for Infrastructures in AWS: Zero Trust, Code Based Cybersecurity, and Certification in The Cloud

1/3/2024 Presentations

Cybersecurity Standards versus Hackers and Government

Michael Petrov is presenting a three-day virtual seminar/workshop: “Cybersecurity Standards Versus Hackers and Government” through ISACA New York Metropolitan Chapter.

This three day course covers the basics of cybersecurity standards and frameworks. Designed for I.T. and Cybersecurity Professionals, topics include: standards, methodology, review, and audit techniques, implementations and operations of cybersecurity standards.

12/8/2023 Case Studies

Digital Edge Accelerates Compliance Management Process with Pure Finance Group, reducing in-house time by 60%

Pure Finance Group, an indirect home improvement lender based in Laurel, Maryland. recent engaged New York based Digital Edge to help them comply with the Graham-Leach Bliley Act. GLBA requires companies that offer consumers financial products or services like loans, financial or investment advice, or insurance to explain their information sharing practices to their customers and to safeguard sensitive data. 

For a company with general help desk oriented IT, it is a daunting challenge to assess how information be classified, and to establish risk analysis and technological procedural controls quickly. The management team at Pure Finance Group assessed that they would need both a strategy and an overall adoption of technology and processes required by the law. They also agreed that it would take approximately 3 months.  As a next step, they needed to identify a firm that had the expertise in cybersecurity, compliance and operations who could offer guidance and streamline the process for them.  

Pure Financial decided to engage Digital Edge first for an internal audit to understand better the challenges and then create an overarching adoption plan. Digital Edge’s legal team provided the law and control applicability analysis while the cybersecurity team created a plan of technology controls implementation. By leveraging the tools and resources that Digital Edge brought to the project, Pure Finance Group revealed a 60% saving in time and overall completion of project was cut in half.

“We engaged  Digital Edge (“DE”) in the assistance of this very important compliance project. The turnaround time on the project was very short. As soon as we engaged them, their Team of experts quickly responded, and the project was underway. They took the time to thoroughly explain what was needed, promptly completed the necessary tasks to complete the project and provide us with the information we needed to meet our deadline. Michael, Keith, and the rest of the Team were very professional, knowledgeable, and committed to helping us meet our deadline. Pure Finance Group would consider using Digital Edge for future projects.”  Says HJ Snead, Director of Compliance and Risk

The overall  implementation and preparation of the documentation including information, classification, risk analysis, policies and procedures as well as the internal audit took 8 weeks. Following completion of the project, the package was submitted to the state and approved within a few days after the submission. 

This success story underscores the value of a responsive, integrated approach to cybersecurity, compliance, and operations providing companies in the Financial Services sector with a vital “License to Operate amid the ever-changing regulatory landscape. 


9/5/2023 Edgy News

FinTech Solution: Digital Edge Unveils NYS DFS 500 Compliance Service on AWS

New York City - September 05, 2023 - Digital Edge responds to the dynamic regulatory landscape with its NYS DFS 500 compliance service on AWS, addressing the intricate mandates set by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYS DFS). The NYS DFS 500 regulation imposes rigorous cybersecurity standards on financial institutions to safeguard sensitive data and operational integrity.

Crafted meticulously by Digital Edge's in-house compliance and cybersecurity legal experts, the NYS DFS 500 compliance service aligns seamlessly with the unique challenges faced by financial organizations. The integration of cloud services, cybersecurity, and compliance into a unified strategy empowers businesses to navigate NYS DFS regulations effectively.

"Our commitment to staying ahead of regulations and cybersecurity best practices led us to develop the NYS DFS 500 compliance service on the robust AWS platform," remarked Michael Petrov, CEO, Digital Edge. "This underscores our dedication to enhancing security while fulfilling regulatory requirements."

The NYS DFS 500 compliance service simplifies compliance attainment and maintenance, offering a comprehensive framework covering risk assessment, data protection, incident response, and ongoing monitoring. Leveraging AWS's advanced infrastructure, Digital Edge guarantees clients unmatched reliability, scalability, and security.

Digital Edge's holistic approach optimizes cost management and vendor relationships, allowing financial institutions to concentrate on core objectives. The launch of the NYS DFS 500 compliance service on AWS reinforces Digital Edge's commitment to transforming the financial industry by safeguarding operations and delivering unparalleled value.

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About Digital Edge:

Digital Edge pioneers tailored cloud, cybersecurity, and compliance solutions for the FinTech and financial services sector. Armed with industry expertise, an in-house compliance team, and cybersecurity legal specialists, Digital Edge empowers clients to operate securely and compliantly. Through its comprehensive approach, Digital Edge helps clients navigate evolving cybersecurity challenges and enhance their market presence, driving the transformation of the financial industry.

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