Digital Edge provides Cloud Modernization, Governance and Compliance strategies for AWS SaaS solution

About Client:

A large,heavily capitalized Global Fintech based based in downtown Chicago, serves an extensive platform of over 6,000 RIA;s (Registered Investment Advisors), RIAs use the company to invest in structured notes, annuities and buffered ETFs all products that are called “protective investments” that cushion investor portfolios against market declines.  The client also has tools that help financial advisors learn about, analyze, customize, buy and manage the most suitable products for client portfolios.


The client initially needed dedicated resources and a letter of support to work in tandem with their in-house IT teams.  In June of 2019, Digital Edge was brought on for onboarding and user support. Following this initial engagement, the client requirement evolved needing more support, management and organization around complex cloud workloads in their infrastructure environment with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The client also required guidance and organization around their SaaS solutions on AWS as well as security and compliance protocols Regionally and Globally to address a shifting regulatory environment.


Digital Edge offered up a team of dedicated engineers through the initial engagement supporting the client’s users and performing onboarding activities.  As the clients' needs changed,  Digital Edge pivoted to work with the client to organize and streamline their AWS accounts.  Digital Edge also implemented data governance with rules of engagement and cloud modernization strategies leveraging the AWS Account Factory program.  By leveraging the Account Factory program they could help their client increase speed to market and delivery for their users. By  leveraging “best practices” around an AWS SaaS solution they could also improve their client’s security posture and compliance.

Customer Benefit

The ongoing solution provides this Fintech client with expert engineering resources and an AWS Level 1 competency when it comes to Managed Security in the Cloud.  Digital Edge has provided dedicated resources that work seamlessly with their in-house teams 24/7 to support and manage highly complex workloads and best practices around AWS SaaS solutions. The peace of mind this provides for the client is unparalleled and 

Internal benefits to Global Fintech Client

  • Organization of a multi-account strategy 

  • Reduced internal deployment times by 30% 

  • Amplified customer centricity by improving scalability and automation for their clients

  • Optimized costs and increased efficiencies by 30% on average year over year.

  • Enhanced visibility with a dashboard that offers continuous oversight of your team of central cloud administrators

  • Dedicated “Dev-Ops” with a team of highly competent cloud-engineers and professionals

Business Impact:

As a result of the ongoing relationship between the Global Fintech, Digital Edge and Amazon Web Services (AWS), the partnership has helped convert their organization into a customer centric, digitally savvy business. The client’s new SaaS option means that their customers have a viable alternative that can reduce deployment times, while enjoying improved operational time and cost savings from the following:

Benefits to this Global Fintech user base:  

  • Security – AWS compliant

  • Resilience – Removes the need for knowledge, available IT resources to run the infrastructure on which FundCount sits

  • Accessibility – The cloud version is accessible from anywhere, and removes the need for an expensive IT team

  • Savings – No need for upgrade costs for either hardware and software

  • Scalability – Clients need only pay for the amount of storage they require.

Digital Edge continues to provide ongoing engineering, production and governance support that allows Global Fintech  to offer “next generation”  Investment protection strategies  to over 6000 Registered Investment Advisors Globally

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