AWS web hosting combined with Digital Edge dev-ops provides robust solution for increased reliability and uptime

About Client:

Wedding is an innovative digital platform that was designed for vendors and couples to increase efficiencies and save time in the process of wedding planning. The company has a proprietary software program that guides both parties through a secure online process for couples to find the ideal combination of vendors available on their wedding day and in their respective budget.  The New York based founders of the company built a technology that could support the idea that planning a wedding should be as stress free as possible for couples. The benefit for vendors is that the platform facilitates a regular cadence of targeted requests from couples so their calendars are full month after month.


The client was using a web hosting solution that was problematic and did not offer good response times.  As an online company and digital platform the client needed a highly reliable web hosting solution that could be both flexible and scalable, they also needed a managed services partner who could provide software support 24/7 and dev-ops for troubleshooting. The platform was being used by their client base mostly on evenings and weekends so a pay as you go pricing model would offer the best solution.


Digital Edge, a New York based Managed Security Services provider and an Amazon Web Services Level 1 MSSP provided a cost effective AWS web hosting solution for Wedding Composers offering up a dedicated dev-ops team to support their proprietary software platform on an as needed basis 24/7.

Customer Benefit

The web hosting solution was configured as a “pay as you go” web hosting platform that would accommodate seasonal peaks and fluctuations for their overall web traffic and business.  Additionally, if the company employees had to troubleshoot a technical problem on evenings and weekends, they had the assurance and “peace of mind” that Digital Edge was just a phone call away versus going through lengthy customer support and 800 number protocols.

Additional benefits in working with Digital Edge:

  • Streamlined internal processes
  • Secure, Compliant third party overseeing web-hosting and data privacy protection
  • Dedicated “Dev-Ops” with a team of highly competent cloud-engineers and professionals

We needed a managed services company that could provide a solution to help us stabilize our digital platform and provide us the confidence for external usability.  Also, we needed a team to help streamline our  internal dev-ops and be responsive 24/7 if we had an issue evenings and weekends”

Says Sam Stekol, CEO, Wedding Composers

Business Impact:

As a result of the relationship with Digital Edge, Wedding Composers is able to stabilize their website while ensuring data privacy protection and security protocols are set.  Digital Edge continues to provide ongoing monitoring and support with dedicated dev-ops and IT support 24/7 to secure uptime and customer confidence.


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