Successful Case Studies: SOC2 audit

Digital Edge just guided a NASDAQ listed technology firm to SOC 2 Type 1 compliance. This client told us in late November 2021 that it was crucial that they get their SOC 2 certification letter by the end of January 2022. This did not leave us with much time to get their house in order, but they had important customers requiring SOC 2 compliance in order to continue doing business with our client.
Right away, the Digital Edge in-house Compliance/Legal, Cybersecurity and Engineering teams kicked into gear and developed a project plan to meet the deadline of the ultimatum. Our VP of Compliance worked seamlessly with our CISO and CTO to lead the effort and advise the client on what procedural and technical steps needed to be taken based on the thorough gap analysis and risk assessment they conducted.

Thanks to the well-integrated in-house Compliance/Legal, Cybersecurity and Engineering departments, the project proceeded with very few bumps in the road. The teams consulted with the client twice weekly and held their hand through the entire process. Digital Edge drafted all their SOC 2 required policies and procedures and assisted them with installs and configurations of several cybersecurity applications in the AWS public cloud. 
All Digital Edge work product was custom designed and configured for the client to meet SOC 2 requirements and industry best practices standards. This included, among other things, IDS/IPS, a new endpoint protection setup and configuration, and mobile device management installs and configuration.

Digital Edge completed the project on time, and our client had its SOC 2 letter in hand by January 27, 2021, after an in-depth audit was carried out by Hogan Taylor. The client was very grateful and has decided to keep Digital Edge on to manage its cybersecurity system and provide other IT related services.

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