Cisco ISE Implementation for Enterprise Identity Management and BYOD Policies

Digital Edge was engaged by a US based hardware manufacturer to implement Cisco Identity Manager and BYOD Policies. The client infrastructure is deployed in US Based headquarters, 2 offshore development offices, 2 datacenters, and AWS web services.

The project was successfully delivered and accepted in April 2017.

Technology implemented:

- Multiple Catalyst 4500-X in high availability configuraiton

- Multiple Cisco Catalyst 3850 48 port(12 mGig) in high availability configuaton

- Redundant High Available pair of ASA 5525-X with

- Redundant ASR1001-X, 2.5G

- Cisco 5520 Wireless Controller

- Multiple Cisco 5520 Wireless Controller 1 AP 

- Cisco Identity Services Engine VM

Project consisted of:

- Creating a hit map, preparing Access Point distribution with power over ethernet cabling;

- Createing a project plan to integrate new hardware with existing hardware with zero down time;

- Configuration of new hardware;

- Configuration of Cisco ISE;

- Configuration of 802.1x for network separation; 

- Integrating Active Directory profiles with ISE policies;

- Configuring multiple client-to-site and site-to-site VPN connnections;

- Implementing crypto cards and Cisco AnyConnect for two phase authentication.;

- Configuring Cisco ASAs for high availability and connectivity with Amazone AWS Cloud; 

- Implementing monitoring and documentation;

- Hand over;





Andrei Lenko
Senior Network Architect

Cisco sertified senior network engineer with more then 20 years of experience.