Digital Edge is Proud to Announce the ISO-27001 Lead Auditor Certification

Digital Edge is proud to announce that one of our strategic cybersecurity advisors has successfully received the ISO-27001 Lead Auditor certification! The certification exhibits our team's ongoing commitment to assist our clients better and grow our professional skills.

The Lead Auditor certification demonstrates that he has the same skillset as auditors issuing the certificate. His role in the Compliance department of Digital Edge is to provide internal audits, pre-audits, and reviews. His certification ensures that clients obtaining certification perform internal activities 100% up to ISO standards.    

The ISO-27001 certification is key to ensuring customers that your company reliably protects their data from unauthorized access. By completing the audit, your organization will:  

  • Develop conditions for complete control over the management of information resources  
  • Assure data security for customers, investors, sponsors, business partners  
  • Increase the efficiency of business processes   

Digital Edge's Security and Compliance team will help your company implement policies, standards, and practices based on the International Organization for Standardization's requirements. Our deep subject matter experts' certifications demonstrate that we have all the tools and knowledge to prepare you for audits.  

Our company will provide your business with a cybersecurity solution focused on stability, security, efficiency, and compliance. For more information contact us via