Global Fintech requires cloud modernization to deliver enhanced value to financial service clients


Client Challenge:
A large global Fintech organization headquartered in New York providing Capital Market technology to financial institutions with advanced risk capabilities across asset classes such as; risk identification and analysis, trade lifecycle event handling, complex derivatives pricing and market data management had a need to modernize their IT infrastructure.

The company footprint was expanding globally and the client had an on-premise IT infrastructure that was not delivering the performance and scale they needed to keep teams working efficiently. In addition to requiring more IT modernization, the teams also needed transparency into cost and budgeting.  Last but not least with a shifting regulatory environment, the client was facing more data privacy laws and regulations in region and in-country. They needed an outside team that could help guide them to meet the compliance and governance requirements swiftly not manually.

Digital Edge delivered a digital transformation strategy that would re-engineer their existing on-premise IT infrastructure and provide them both the modernization and transparency they were seeking. The client deployed an AWS SaaS Infrastructure as a Service platform (SaaS) which provided institutional grade technology. Digital Edge also provided a comprehensive compliance roadmap to guide them through the cloud migration leveraging automation tools that reduced the time it would normally take with a manual process.

Business Benefit
Digital Edge modernized the client’s infrastructure and application support by leveraging an AWS Infrastructure as a Service platform (SaaS).  This solution offered the client the ability to scale up or down as needs change, alleviating some of the operational burden with their teams. Overall the client increased performance, agility and transparency across their global footprint.  Additionally, with a strong cyber security and data governance plan the client now has the peace of mind that they are adhering to laws and regulations in the various regions and countries they are doing business and meeting certifications as needed. 

Value Added benefits
- Amplified customer centricity by improving scalability and automation
- Optimized costs and increased efficiencies
- Mitigated risks by incorporating disaster recovery and ISO certifications
- Enhanced cost accounting, budgeting and reporting metrics for IT and Finance 

Business Impact:
As a result of the ongoing relationship between this Fintech client,  Digital Edge and AWS, the partnership has transformed their organization into a digitally savvy, customer-centric business who has achieved the most stringent level of certifications and compliance.Digital Edge continues to provide ongoing engineering, production and governance support that allows them to offer “next generation”  Capital Market Technology to global financial institutions throughout the  United States, Europe and APAC.  

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Naum A Lavnevich joined the Digital Edge team in 2017 as the VP of Engineering. The priorities for his position include strategic planning, solution design, quality assurance, and problem resolution. Naum has a strong track record for directing large-scale projects and global initiatives as well as for providing expert-level system/network support.

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