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Digital Edge is the expert at providing security managed services for the AWS public cloud. Our services and deep team of subject matter experts strongly adhere to the ten AWS Level 1 Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) guidelines for clients ranging from startups to enterprises of all industry verticals. These managed services are also utilized in assisting clients maintain compliance with cybersecurity standards and compliance needs.

Our 24/7/365 managed services solutions enable AWS customers to accelerate their organizational growth and business value in the cloud without sacrificing security. Digital Edge monitors and secures AWS infrastructures in conjunction with existing IT security teams and externally.

Digital Edge's Level 1 MSSP (pending) offering utilizes a combination of our security experts, proprietary tools, AWS native services, and tools from verified AWS Technology Partners to perpetuate a client's cloud security posture.

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AWS Services and Expertise

AWS Infrastructure
Vulnerability Scanning
AWS Resource
Inventory Visibility
AWS Security Best
Practices Monitoring
AWS Compliance
Security Incidents
24/7 Incident Alerting
and Response
Managed Intrusion
Managed Web
Application Firewall
Distributed Denial of
Service (DDoS)
Managed Detection/
Response for AWS
AWS CIS Standards

As part of Digital Edge’s expertise in assisting clients achieving cybersecurity compliance certifications, ongoing management of cloud environments is essential to maintaining a compliant status. Continuing to adhere to ever-changing standards is a challenge that Digital Edge’s managed services are designed to facilitate seamlessly.

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