Private Cloud

If you are thinking about moving to the cloud – and you don’t want to share hardware with anyone else, because of compliance, regulations, or other IT security policies – then a Private Cloud delivered by Digital Edge is the right solution for you!

Digital Edge has two choices for Private Cloud configuration:

1. We allocate the necessary resources that you require and allow access to them through VMWare Director Management interface:

  • CPU resources in GHz with an ability to create vCPUs
  • RAM resources
  • Disk volumes with specific IOPs characteristics

You will be able to create your virtual instances based on the resource pool allocated to you. Your resource pool will be network isolated from all other clients. Your private cloud will inherit High Availability and High Performance of Digital Edge core infrastructure.

The price of this solution is structured based on resources dedicated to your needs. Click here for the Price Assessment Wizard.

2. Dedicated hardware can be allocated to your business only. With this solution, you can still have access certain resources of Digital Edge’s core infrastructure or be completely isolated. The size of your infrastructure depends on your specs and the components that you select. “Out-of-Box” solutions are available. For price guidance, please check our Price Assessment Wizard.

Additionally, any integration with on-premises infrastructures or other cloud deployments are possible.

Virtualization and migration assistance is available. Click here to see case studies about the migration Sun Solaris and IBM systems.

Let Digital Edge’s free “Proof of Concept” Program show you how valuable our Private Cloud solution can be for your business!

Digital Edge guarantees that Stability, Security, Efficiency and Compliance be the core of every solution and service we provide.