Our History

Today, Digital Edge is proud to provide a unique set of Cloud, IT Support Services and Methodologies for Stability, Security, and Compliance. We have done this and will continue to strive to these goals by utilizing our over 20 years of experience in engineering for Enterprise Class Information Technology. Additionally, achievement is also through our unique alignment of the technologies and close partnership with the technology manufacturers in conjunction with our team’s training and expertise. 

We really concentrate on delivering Enterprise Class Clouds which are suitable to process serious business load with 100% uptime and optimal performance. Stably, Securely, Efficiently and in Compliance with needed laws regulations and frameworks, Digital Edge proves time and again, that our services are unparalleled. 

~In 2019, Digital Edge delivered the completed Panama project! Read about the project! 

~In 2018, Digital Edge started our Compliance Services. On top of that, we started our monthly newsletter of Ask Our VP of Compliance series, encouraging our audience to submit compliance related questions! In 2018, we also started our Annual Client Appreciation Concert to say thanks to our clients while promoting the arts community at the same time! 

~In 2017, Digital Edge won a government project in Panama and was able to open our Panamanian office! In 2017, we also became ISO 27001 certified on top of the 9001 certification.  

~In 2015, Digital Edge proudly had one single event that surpassed any other news within the whole year – We won our first Government Contract through a Public RFP!

~In 2014, Digital Edge started building our Open Source Based Cloud Cluster. Our position to be a VMware based cloud provider, enables us optimum leverage to offer attractive Hybrid and Private cloud services to Enterprise clients who are already invested with VMware. However, VMware licenses also add extra cost. Fighting for the best price offer, Digital Edge found the paramount combination of hardware/open source software stack, to deliver best financial offer for the clients who want to receive maximum financial advantage of the cloud offering. Additionally, we found that such stack is a perfect fit to deliver advanced technology like VDI and Docker services to our clients. In 2014, we also received our ISO 9001 certification!

~In 2013, Digital Edge updated our Enterprise Management Portal, solidifying the goal of perfecting our offerings. Updating our Enterprise Management portal provided unlimited benefits for our client base, including:

  • Exposed essential internal information to our clients 
  • Provided them with transparency 
  • Simplified regulatory compliance 

Through the new portal, clients are able to generate reports that could be used for IT governance, while covering compliance areas of incident management, SLAs, security, hardware audits, change control and more! 

~Additionally, in November 2013, our New York vCloud infrastructure was mirrored in Dallas. This duplication provided our clients with local redundancy, global geographical failover capabilities, and increased recoverability. Clients now have the ability to use the countless building blocks in New York and Dallas’ vClouds as hybrid extensions to their environments. 

~In 2012, Digital Edge formed Cloud Offering Running on a Fully Licensed Copy of VMWare vCloud® Suite, which allowed us to build and run a vSphere-based private cloud that delivered cloud service provider economics at scale, application provisioning in minutes! By operating on the same infrastructure platforms, our strategic alliance with VMWare enabled us to give part of our processing power to clients without the need to provision for more hardware. They gained the ability to run their virtual machines and use storage inside their security perimeters which is nearly impossible with public clouds like AWS. Virtual machines can be seamlessly transferred from a client’s infrastructures to Digital Edge’s operated hardware and back. This supplies a processing boost to our clients when they need it the most. 

~In 2011, we introduced hardware inspection and vendor coordination. Digital Edge began offering hardware inspections and vendor coordination services through our partnership with hardware manufacturers. This enabled us to deliver manual hardware inspections in multiple datacenters and order equipment through partners like Dell, HP, EMC, Cisco, and Supermicro. This simple service ensures that our monitoring process does not overlook difficult to recover hardware failures that affect IT SLAs. 

~In 2010, Digital Edge established a partnership with EMC. As a recognized leader in the Enterprise Storage sector, Digital Edge sought to have EMC as a partner. As the years progressed, EMC graduated from supporting large financial clients to providing affordable solutions for SMBs. The growth of our partnership enabled us to support enterprise storage without delays. Digital Edge provided application layer support for client’s infrastructures, closing the gap between hardware implementation and the client’s applications. This allotted for strong value services with the best possible configuration and performance. 

Provided Syslog Service
With Digital Edge’s syslog service, clients point their logs to our IP address. Unlike typical syslog services that store logs in sets of files, Digital Edge’s syslog stores records into a structured database. Having syslog records in a standard database enables us to setup better policies and alert mechanisms for messages from a client’s hardware. 

~In 2006, we began offering monitoring as a comprehensive service for clients located outside of Digital Edge's perimeters and datacenters. We also formed Datacenter Plus, developing valuable additional services which include: advanced security analysis, penetration testing, and application-level security consulting performance services (stress-testing environment, fast bottleneck identification methodology, and performance tuning) compliance fundamentals and reporting for centralized syslog, centralized automated configuration backup, security footprint analysis, performance graphing, and incident logging a centralized change management system a centralized intrusion detection and prevention platform 

~In 2004, Digital Edge extended its offerings from system support services to mission-critical and high-availability services, for the financial industry, online advertisers, and nonprofits with serious e-business initiatives. 

~In 2002, Digital Edge gained recognition as a high-availability provider. We formed relationships with multiple carrier-neutral datacenters and started building our own co-location facilities, network operation center, and monitoring facilities. 

~In the Early 2000s, Digital Edge understood the increasing need to support e-commerce software due to constantly shifting e-marketing tools and mechanisms. 

We determined three major problems in the E-commerce IT market: 

  1. The constant need to adjust software to save money and manage businesses more effectively; 
  2. The need to adjust systems to align with online marketing players and search engines; 
  3. The constant need to provide high-availability-which protects incoming revenues from service unavailability. 

~Digital Edge was founded in 1996 as a software support and development company. With the rise of e-commerce, Digital Edge began developing several significant e-commerce systems. 


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