Log Management

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LogIT - Helping You to Understand Your Data

All of the data generated by your Information Technology environment, either in the cloud or on premises, contains a plethora of valuable information. We can assist you to uncover the value of something that exists, but is not visible.

Are you getting the most out of your application, systems and security logs? Log management is much more than collecting and storing logs. You need to understand what the data means. Digital Edge can help you to best use your log and machine data for network protection and compliance.

Enterprise Solution

We provide enterprise ELK Log Management Solution, cloud based or on premises. Here is why we are different:

1. We do not limit retention period;

2. We do not have limits for value or speed for log streams;

3. We customize dashboards for your individual needs;

4. We expose our services to clients over VPNs or private cross-connects in datacenters that we support;

5. We manage the solution and customize business logic for log aggregation and alerting as per your individual needs.

It is because of this, that Digital Edge can provide an unparalleled solution in today's IT landscape.

Log Management Digital Edge Collect and Analyze Everything
Any device, any application, any security event. We capture it all. We have sensors to capture all possible information generated in your environment


Be alerted on any security alert generated by any of your infrastructure device or application. Moreover, collect valuable forensic information. Great visibility into your logs allow to have clear visibility into chain of events, even if the were recorded by multiple not connected devices.

Search Fast
Tap the power of combined structured and unstructured search built on our Elasticsearch backend. Unstructured search provides a Google-like experience while our MDI fabric enables contextual search when greater precision is required. Our search builder allows you to easily realize the best of both worlds easily.


Enforce Continuous Compliance
Access hundreds of dashboards, investigations and reports specifically mapped to individual requirements with our Compliance Automation Modules. They help you automate compliance enforcement instead of relying on time-intensive and reactive manual processes.




Stability, Security, Efficiency, and Compliance
Get Digital Edge proven high performance, high availability infrastructure as a cloud service or on premises implementation. Managed, monitored and secured.



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