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Today, the work place is mobile; end users need access to applications and data from anywhere, at any time. Digital Edge Help Desk Support DiagramBusinesses and organizations use a combination of physical and virtualized environments, categorized by relations, collaboration, and end user choice that enables the end user to be nimbler and accomplish work activities anytime from anywhere and can help create superior enterprise added value. With this evolution in mind, Digital Edge empowers users with a help desk solution that is productive and compensates for itself with efficiency.


The Digital Edge team is tooled and trained to perform help desk functionality for backend, datacenter, WAN environments as well as modern VDI implementations and mobile office topologies.

We understand the customers need for transparency and consistent process with consistent outcomes along with remediation for the unforeseen. This is why Digital Edge is an ISO certified and audited organization.

Stability and Efficiency

Digital Edge Help Desk procedureDigital Edge’s strategy increases customer satisfaction, while controlling costs in a quantifiable and manageable structure.

  • Advanced Ticketing System with timetabled escalation
  • Real Human Support 24×7
  • 20-minute rapid response – SLA
  • Dashboard with Reporting
  • Strong Knowledge Management System
  • Inventory and Lifecycle Management
  • Access to Industry SMEs

By delivering service more proficiently we can demonstrate more efficiency.

Security and Compliance

Our help desk solution, like any other support operation or activity that Digital Edge can provide, are done with provisioning for possible compliance and regulation reporting, security and quality controls as well as SLA driven timing.

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