Remote Workforce Management

To address new challenges resulting from Covid as well as IT efforts to be more independent, zero-trust, virtualized Digital Edge introduces Remote Workforce Management service. 

During the pandemic lock down Digital Edge learned of a new challenges that our clients are facing – managing of remote employees - Onboarding and Termination.  While traditional companies have general practices how to Onboard and Terminate employees as well as managing their access and users rights, new and rapidly growing companies enjoy benefits of quick technology services adoption but face very difficult challenges:

  • KEEPING TRACK OF EMPLOYEES IN NUMEROUS LOCATIONS: Keeping track of access granted to new employees to multiple systems/services used by the company;
  • ACTIVELY MANAGE EMPLOYEE ACCESS: Keeping track of employees permissioned rights and use of least privilege principals;
  • PREVENT INVENTORY LOSS: Tracking Company for current & terminated employees got much more difficult;
  • RISING SECURITY RISKS: The security of the remote users connecting to corporate online services is paramount but more difficult given most if not all are remote.


The Digital Edge Solution to these Challenges

Digital Edge, in the response to the growing need, develop a managed model for Onboarding and Termination service. Some of the features of the service:

  • EMPLOYEE TRACKING: Auditable & compliant ticketing system for onboarding/termination;
  • HARDWARE CONFIGURATION & SHIPPING: Fulfillment and handling inventory of hardware for new employees, standard or customized hardware configuration, clear delivery timeframes for domestic and international shipments;
  • Configuration of hardware for new employees including securing the hardware, implementation and enforcing of the policies, configuring required peripheral;
  • EMPLOYEE PERMISSIONING: Assigning appropriate access and rights to new employees;
  • 24/7 HELPDESK: Helpdesk and assistance with initial access;
  • CONTINUOUS MONITORING: Monitoring of the security of the corporate remote hardware and user accounts;
  • EMPLOYEE TERMINATION PROTECTION: Termination of employees, removing correspondent access;
  • RECLAIMING INVENTORY: Collecting hardware and updating inventory levels;
  • COMPLIANCE: Logging and reporting.



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