Remote Workforce Management

The sudden shift to remote work in 2020 exposed companies to a variety of new security challenges. The requirements of long-term and permanent remote work for our clients both new and existing have created a need for new services that can protect distributed workforces. The tracking and managing of employees across numerous locations has become a daunting challenge as well as the proper monitoring of employee access, and permission rights to multiple systems, services, and devices.  We have outlined below a list of onboarding and termination services designed to provide your business with the security, compliance, and support required for your cloud or traditional work environment

Remote Workforce Services

  • EMPLOYEE TRACKING: Keeping track of access granted to new employees to multiple systems/services used by the company
  • EMPLOYEE PERMISSIONS: Keeping track of employees' permission rights and use of least privilege principals
  • EMPLOYEE TERMINATION PROTECTION: Termination of employees, removing correspondent access
  • HARDWARE CONFIGURATION AND SHIPPING; Fulfillment and the handling of inventory of hardware for new employees, standard or customized hardware configuration, clear delivery timeframes for domestic and international shipments
  • CONTINUOUS MONITORING: Monitoring of security and the corporate remote hardware and user accounts
  • 24/7 HELP DESK: Help desk and 24/7 assistance with initial access                                                                                                      

Cybersecurity and Compliance

Digital Edge has seen an exponential increase in social engineering-related cybercrimes. These are attacks leveraging email, text messaging, social media, and other forms of everyday electronic communication platforms to propel employees into providing hackers with more important information that can help break corporate systems or steal data from them.  More specifically, phishing attacks and ransomware attacks have seen huge increases, by some estimates ransomware is up more than 1000% and phishing campaigns are up over 200%.  This trend is not reversing as estimates suggest ransomware attacks now happen as frequently as every 11 seconds.  Employee security awareness training can help organizations ensure that their workforce can properly navigate these changes to the security landscape by internalizing the organization's best practices and up to date knowledge about today's security threats.

Digital Edge provides strategies as well as in-house legal guidance pertaining to data governance, cybersecurity, and compliance. We offer proactive and ongoing monitoring in both traditional and public cloud environments to address and support the shifting regulatory requirements concerning data privacy, security, and cybersecurity.

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