Why Digital Edge?

We secure confidence for our clients by deploying cybersecurity and compliance solutions within AWS and Azure Public Cloud environments.


Digital Edge is a team of certified engineering professionals passionate about digital transformation.  We apply our expertise in cloud, cybersecurity and compliance delivering strategies for AWS, Asure as well as traditional environments. With two decades of experience and certified cloud and dev-ops teams, we deliver you the edge by providing cloud modernization, compliance, automation, and cyber risk management to protect and secure your business on a 24/7 basis.

People, Tools and Process

We understand relationships top, down. We do not work in silos, our broad thinking enables us to be true strategic partners from the C-level down to the dev-ops level. We ensure transparency and communication are at the forefront, updating our clients. Throughout our unique assessment process, we delve deep to understand the DNA of our clients building out a roadmap and strategy to achieve our clients, IT, and business goals.

Evolving at the speed of Business: In today's competitive and evolving digital landscape you need a customized approach from your IT partner. We incorporate the standards, policies, and procedures while leveraging the technology tools.  Here is a list of questions you should be asking to your Managed Services Provider to ensure that they are able to fully execute a compliant strategy for your business.

These are the TOP questions you should be asking your MSP before agreeing to their service: 

MSP Outsourcing Risks Digital Edge's Risk Migration 
Does MSP have a formal security program that is proven and tested? Follows and is certified on ISO 27001, the latest audit report is available.
Does MSP incorporate security into the culture through training, policies, procedures and controls? ISO 27001 framework requires awareness program, training and official cybersecurity program. Policies, procedures, controls are available per request or described in ISO auditor report.
Does MSP monitor the network using state-of-the-art tools and techniques? Use proprietary monitoring system, technical details are available.
Does MSP have independent network monitoring as an additional layer of security? We have 3 monitoring locations – inside and 2 outside locations.
Does MSP leverage AI and machine learning to help quickly identify anomalous behavior? Use Elasticsearch technology to collect data and identify anomalies.
Does MSP conduct regular vulnerability testing and remediation to verify system state Owns full licensed Tennable Nessus and Burp toolset. We scan clients and our own infrastructure monthly.
Does MSP use trusted methods and tools to secure the systems used to access or store systems information? We use multi-layer defense approach. Tooling includes: MFA, AD, Policies, ACLs, Self-encrypted SSDs.  
Does MSP properly vet and test employees for background and qualifications? This process is defined in our ISO 27001 framework. Policies and procedures are documented and available in the auditor’s report.
Does MSP monitor and log employee access to client systems? We use Elasticsearch technology to collect and store access trails.
Does MSP have tested security incident and disaster response plans? This is part of our ISO 27001 management system. Policies and procedures are documented. ISO auditor report is available for review.
Does MSP leverage independent vetting from outside auditors using a solid security framework? ISO 9001 and 27001 frameworks are implemented and audited by ISO certifying body in US.
Does MSP isolate internal access and information to appropriate levels? There is physical separation of the environments.
Does MSP segment systems to limit attackers' ability to escalate? Monthly separation testing is available.
Does MSP understand the regulatory environment and how it impacts them and their clients? We understand and consult our clients on laws and regulations. In addition, Digital Edge provides a service to monitor legal changes and notifies clients on new applicable IT and cyber security related laws.
Does MSP have a domestically based presence? Yes
Does MSP use multifactor authentication? Yes, MFA is a requirement and part of ISO 27001 information security management system.
Does MSP carry cyber insurance that covers breach events? Yes
Does MSP have 24x7 staff in front of screens and always paying attention? Yes, 24X7 inhouse staff.
Does MSP have a failsafe and proven backup and continuity system in place? Yes, continuity system is organized based on ISO 27001 information security management system and certified by ISO certifying body in US. The system is tested once a year.  ISO auditor report is available for review.

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