Hybrid Cloud

Do you have proprietary or legacy hardware that cannot be virtualized? Do you have to stay on premises? Do you need multiple non-production environments that have to be created or restored quickly? Do you want elasticity in your IT platform? Then the Digital Edge Hybrid Cloud solution is for you!

Digital Edge Hybrid Cloud Diagram 1

Hybrid Cloud is the most complex offer from Digital Edge. Each configuration is a custom engineered solution precisely tailored exactly for each client’s needs. These solutions may include:

  • Placing custom hardware, that cannot be virtualized, “next” to your cloud VMs, so that they would be in the same security perimeter, on the same LAN;
  • Allocating storage on demand;
  • Creating custom cross-connects or tunnels between your on premises environment and your cloud instances;
  • Custom routing, load balancing, failover and other network configurations;
  • Custom firewalls and security architecture.

Digital Edge Hybrid Cloud Diagram 2

Virtualization and migration assistance is available. For an example of configuration and migration, read our Sun Solaris and IBM systems case study.

Let Digital Edge’s free “Proof of Concept” Program show you how valuable our Hybrid Cloud solution can be for your business!

Digital Edge guarantees that Stability, Security, Efficiency and Compliance be the core of every solution and service we provide.

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