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Our skilled team of on-site DevOps and DevSEOps engineers are certified in AWS/Azure.  Our unique approach to working and advising customers on how to design and build cloud environments include using the best-of-breed automation tools, infrastructure as code, cloud-native and advanced features that enable better management, continuous and proactive monitoring. Our tools provide you with the visibility and reporting transparency that is required today.


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Digital Edge also designs and builds out cloud environments by looking through a Cybersecurity-lens with a deep understanding of compliance.  We recommend taking advantage of a Well-Architected Review to develop a roadmap, identifying gaps from the beginning of the build-out.   


Here is what you can expect by working with our teams:

Improved efficiencies - An effective security operations team functions like a well-oiled machine. With the people, technology, frameworks, and processes in place to address security threats, you can reduce your time and focus on other key areas of your business.

We optimize existing security technology - Security tools require an investment beyond the initial capital expenditures for acquisition. You must spend time and effort to manage these tools and unlock their capabilities. We assess and analyze your existing security solutions and do our due diligence to make sure you and your team optimize the value of these investments.

Continuous Improvement - As a security-driven operations team we look at the big picture to derive the strategic insights to help you improve and mature your overall security posture

Security Assurance 
Last but not least, our teams ensure you have the necessary security standards in place to protect from a cyberattack. No more worrying about an alert as we replace that with an overriding confidence that you and your team don't miss a critical issue day or night.


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