Cloud Security


Security in the Cloud

We believe, to fully ensure protection against a cyberattack or ransomware your average cloud security tools are not enough. In order to fully mitigate risk both in and outside of the cloud you need a security framework designed for data governance and built to scale with your business over time.

Our Process

Digital Edge aligns with your key stakeholders internally to identify the gaps and implement the standards, policies, and procedures that will govern data classification within your organization. We provide the specific technologies for both AWS and Azure - to provide optimal security and data privacy.  Our team of subject matter experts will help guide you through the step-by-step process of delivering a successful result both cost-effectively and in the most efficient manner possible

DevSecOps Approach to Cloud Security

Our dedicated team of cloud-certified engineers are subject matter experts and have vast experience working in a wide array of industries with a focus on heavily regulated industries.  Their knowledge of security, compliance, and the technology tools to block vulnerabilities pre-deployment provides peace of mind to our clients.  Our team also works to provide our clients with multi-cloud visibility so you can view inventories and visualizations for AWS, Azure and Kubernetes with one console. 


With a plethora of tools available for AWS/Azure customers Digital Edge makes it easy by providing you with specific technological solutions that are narrowly tailored to the standard, policies, procedures, and architecture unique to your company's infrastructure.  We plan for the long term assuring enhanced monitoring for future certifications and audits

We are so thankful to have found Digital Edge as our partner to provide the comprehensive cybersecurity solution we required, including SOC2, operations, onboarding, and offboarding for our distributed teams. The virtual CISO's leadership, combined with the IT support team, has been invaluable in providing the support we needed." 

                                                      - Denise Butler, Chief Operating Officer, Verb


Continuous Monitoring

Dedicated engineering support, certified dev-ops, and cloud ops to provide your teams the peace of mind they need 24/7. Digital Edge also provides ongoing monitoring, continuous scanning, incident reporting, and overall coverage and maintenance on endpoints in both the network and the cloud.  Testing includes vulnerability testing, Penn testing, and daily alert triage and forensics.

What you can expect working with us:

Improved efficiencies - An effective security operations team functions like a well-oiled machine.  With the people, technology, frameworks and processes in place to address security threats, you can reduce your time and focus on other key areas of your business.

We optimize existing security technology - Security tools require an investment beyond the initial capital expenditures for acquisition. You must spend time and effort to manage these tools and unlock their capabilities.  We assess and analyze your existing security solutions and do our due diligence to make sure you and your team optimize the value from these investments.

Continuous Improvement - As a security-driven operations team we look at the big picture to derive the strategic insights to help you improve and mature your overall security posture.

Security Assurance - Last but not least, our teams ensure you have the necessary security standards in place to protect from a cyberattack.  No more worrying about an alert as we replace that with an overriding confidence that you and your team don't miss a critical issue day or night.



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