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Digital Edge, successfully certified in ISO 27001 since 2015, promises to deliver compliant CyberSecurity best-practices and data protection services, based on the required laws, regulations or framework, for the client’s IT environment whether dedicated or hybrid, public or private Cloud or data center configurations.

In addition, our dedicated 24 X 7 NOC and Security Operations Center (SOC), specialize in IT systems monitoring and automation delivering the best in class compliant Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)

Our SOC offering is built on the Security Operation Triad: People, Technology, Process.


The SOC Team has experienced, trained staff supported by proven processes and capabilities is organized into 3 Tiers made up of Alert Analysts, Incident Responders and Subject Matter Experts. Digital Edge’s clients have access to an entire team of Subject Matter Experts with varied experiences, skillsets and exposure to multiple IT related issues, including CISSP certification, across many industries.


Our ISMS is the key for a successful SOC implementation because it provides comprehensive visibility of your security status with speed in the initial analysis and response by deploying our own solutions or integrate with clients’ third-party monitoring and data collection tools. It delivers the means to troubleshoot problems, investigate and mitigate any failures, breaches and other cybersecurity events, reports, assist in analyzing your security effectiveness, compliance, as well as identifying threats and areas needing immediate solutions and recovery, ensuring your business continues to runs smoothly.


Our team monitors your security perimeter 24X7, and when a situation requires immediate remediation, Digital Edge will provide a Security Incident Response Team (SIRT) which will investigate and take the remediation steps, with your team, needed to correct and/or restore any affected areas to ensure your uptime!

In the Cloud

Digital Edge is exceptionally committed to deliver the most flexible and results driven Cloud solutions for both our large and small clients. We provide live support in real-time with Digital Edge’s Managed Cloud solution.

Our Cloud clients get enterprise level support, backed-up by the industry’s leading SLAs, done according to the ISO framework. VMware vCloud allows Digital Edge to integrate closely with our clients, while seamlessly providing full advantage of VMware functionality and compatibility. If they choose to do so, Enterprise Clients can also keep their open source platforms and benefit from maximum savings without sacrificing any efficiency or performance.

The clients that wish to achieve multiple savings can be deployed on the open source high availability cluster.


For the past 5 years, Digital Edge delivered 99.99% uptime on all our vCloud clusters and will continue providing the industry’s best reliability and performance benchmarks. Our monitoring solution allows our technical support team to take proactive measures before critical situations arise.

Digital Edge operates multiple geographically diversified clusters. Each location has 2 high availability clusters - one based on VMware vCloud and one based on the open source technology. Digital Edge’s tremendous automation platform allows us to easily manage your systems, all while providing extra security and compliance enhancements.

Digital Edge’s team is experienced with laws, regulations, controls, compliance requirements and standards across multiple industry verticals such as Financial, Health, Manufacturing, E-commerce and others. We own and operate multiple tools and technologies helping clients to implement and maintain their required security and compliance objectives and controls.

We promise to be your best reliable partner during the initial planning, the transition, and delivering the objective easily and without service interruption. Let our free “Proof of Concept” Program show you how valuable Digital Edge can be to your business. We proudly build your test-drive environment in order for you to experience firsthand our in-demand, results driven Cloud services.

Data Security

Security today is all about Data Governance. Digital Edge’s approach to security is structural and methodical. Starting from single instance implementation through full infrastructure protection security framework, we navigate our clients to the end goal: compliance, reporting, automation and enforcement.

Digital Edge is proud to deliver one of the best security methodologies in the business:

1. We analyze the data, determining who owns it, who has access it and how this access is being monitored;

2. We define the best security policies for your business, while detecting and documenting risks and remediation;

3. We implement a set of standard tools, technologies and defined security policies.

The Digital Edge Automation Team ensures that those security tools are reporting data into centralized Security Information Management (SIM) system;

4. We provide overall monitoring and protection services with our own Security Operation Center (SOC) that focuses on:

  1. Alert Analysis,
  2. Incident Responding,
  3. Subject Matter Experts escalation,
  4. Security Incident Response Team (SIRT) coverage.

Whether you need to assess and improve your current security protocols, run security scans or penetration testing, prepare for an audit, remediate a current threat, recover from an event or automate the process to include best practices for ongoing governance and compliance, Digital Edge delivers the best, timely and cost-effective solution. Contact us today and let our free Security Assessment or Proof of Concept offer provide you with that extra “edge” your business needs.


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