Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, gaps in existing recovery plans or methods are exposed. Without adequate preparation and testing, the normal functioning of your company’s activities, including individual processes, systems and data can slip through the cracks due to faulty planning and execution.

Unfortunately, most businesses only begin to realize the effectiveness and efficiency of their recovery plan’s process and solutions after experiencing a business interrupting event, such as, but not limited to, internal/external programmatic or systemic failure, severe natural or man-made events, cyber security events.

The Solution

Digital Edge believes that business continuity must be a priority before, during and after any disaster. Conventional methods of keeping replicated data on standby and hoping they all work may not be enough. By implementing Digital Edge’s Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Solution, your business will benefit from three vital advantages: Automation, Assurance and Performance Simplicity, guaranteeing the lowest possible RTO, consistent with the identified risks planned for.

Without the hassle of manual interference, Digital Edge ensures that 100% of your valuable data and applications are continuously replicated, preserved and ready to use from your backup site. This disaster recovery location is effortlessly tested on a routine basis. All of your business’s applications and hardware are preconfigured and running against the data duplicated prior to the failover event. The point being to automatically convert your disaster recovery site into a functioning production site in the event of a significant business interruption. By doing so, your business continues operating normally.

We believe most Disaster Recovery solutions should be replicated directly using internal mechanisms vs. utilizing global mechanisms, like VMWare instance mirroring. Proprietary mechanisms are less wasteful and allow smoother fail over, for example:

  • Active Directory synchronization;
  • Exchange DAG mechanisms;
  • Microsoft SQL Server mirroring;
  • Oracle Data Guard;
  • MySQL mirroring;
  • Storage volume replicators or shadow copies.

By owning and operating common network backbones in multiple diverse datacenters, your business benefits from our network connections and solid partnerships with leading providers in the HA and BC industries. As a result, small to medium size businesses can benefit from this unique opportunity’s features…

  • Automation: Failing over to a mirrored environment utilizing a recovery wizard eliminates the need to maintain complex processes, documentation, training for internal staff and IT groups.
  • Assurance: Your business’ applications and hardware are preconfigured and ready to use from your backup site. This technology allows quick tests for failover processes and operations in the DR environment.
  • Simplicity: Minimize your integration complexity and enhance your productivity while limiting purchasing risks. The Digital Edge experience guarantees a smooth implementation and further operation.
  • Savings: Cut costs of providing double licensing for multiple sites.

Digital Edge is proud to introduce and manage the technology tools that have helped many of our clients’ organizations mitigate IT risks, minimize recovery time, keep their systems/data secure and running smoothly. We are ready to assist you in developing disaster recovery and business continuity plans that deliver ease of operation and cost efficiency.

Let Digital Edge’s free “Proof of Concept” program show you how valuable our Disaster Recovery Management can be to your organization’s Business Continuity Plan!







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