Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Strategies and Planning for the Public Cloud

When disaster strikes, gaps in existing recovery plans or methods are exposed. Without adequate preparation and testing, the normal functioning of your company’s activities, including individual processes, systems and data can slip through the cracks due to faulty planning and execution. Digital Edge works with businesses who have traditional environments as well as public clouds (AWS/Azure).  Click here for a PDF on Digital Edge DR in AWS

As an AWS Level 1 Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), Digital Edge brings your business a comprehensive DR strategy in partnership with AWS Cloud DR technical implementation. AWS Cloud DR delivers fast, straightforward recovery using cloud resources, forming a second site in an AWS region. Cloud DR simplifies repeatable testing, scaling a second site for frequent testing, eliminating the overhead and operational burden of local site management.

Mitigating Risk

Digital Edge populates your tailored recovery matrix in a lifecycle approach to DR planning, execution and maintenance. Our certified team of strategists, engineers and project managers will walk you through program development and governance, recovery requirements for applicable loss categories and risk mitigation and recovery blueprints.  We will also customize your DR recovery solutions, plan exercises, staff awareness, training, and program maintenance and management, completing the DR prorgram planning phases.  

By implementing Digital Edge’s Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Solution, your business will benefit from three vital advantages: Automation, Assurance and Performance Simplicity, guaranteeing the lowest possible RTO, consistent with the identified risks planned for. 

Without the hassle of manual interference, Digital Edge ensures that 100% of your valuable data and applications are continuously replicated, preserved and ready to use from your backup site. This disaster recovery location is effortlessly tested on a routine basis. All of your business’s applications and hardware are preconfigured and running against the data duplicated prior to the failover event. The point being to automatically convert your disaster recovery site into a functioning production site in the event of a significant business interruption. By doing so, your business continues operating normally.

The Digital Edge, AWS Cloud Disaster Recovery joint solution features:

Digital Edge collaborates with AWS customers on DR strategy, delivering integrated security, compliance, and 24/7 service. Digital Edge planning encompasses your infrastructure with continuous monitoring for observability.

Digital Edge DR planning rolls back infrastructure, resources, and data in minutes. Digital Edge DR strategy uses AWS cloud redundancy for backup across dispersed AWS regions, ensuring data availability. With Digital Edge, you leverage the advantages of AWS Cloud DR with continuous improvement, secure infrastructure, support and maintenance, and release updates, relieving overhead headaches.

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