Penetration testing. Helping clients to secure their infrastructures

Recently Digital Edge security team receives lots of requirements for an external penetration testing. We help our clients to achieve their goals. Our team would not just scan networks. We would work with our clients to resolve security concerns. We do not limit clients on number of runs to make sure that all the issues are resolved and scan comes clean. Below is a testimonail from one of our happy client.
“Digital Edge was a referral from a colleague in the ASCII Group professional IT consultants network.  I had a client that needed to comply with downstream vendor security requirements.  Having an independent security consultant audit my client was just what we needed.  They provided a detailed report of issues and more importantly how to fix them.  I highly recommend the Digital Edge security team to decision makers that need professional security analysis for their organizations.”
Brian Wheeler, Owner
Resolve Technology
Digital Edge security team will continue to work with IT groups to assist in ensuring safty for IT infrastructures.

Cons of Self Service Cloud

Today’s model and mindset is that it seems that you can assemble anything using services provided by different companies and it will be solid. Those services are like parts of LEGO. 

AWS could be like a LEGO. Kids are playing with it. You can make functional things. You can build a house out of LEGO. Is this the best tooling for building a house? Maybe, it is simple. A kids can do it. If you have enough LEGO a kid can build a house. Would it survive many summers and winters, hurricanes, maybe yes, maybe not. Depends how much engineering experience the builder has. A bad engineer may build a bad house out of good old time bricks and a good engineer can make a great house of LEGO. However if you want to build a rocket, you need an “enterprise” class LEGO. You can use one from ToysRs but at least you have to engineer your solution. 

Today’s simplicity is a good thing, a bad thing and a scary thing. 


Digital Edge ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification Success

As of May 1, 2017, Digital Edge is proud to announce its official certification of the International Standards Organization (ISO) 27001 framework for Information Security Management, a specification for an information security management system (ISMS). ISO is an independent, non-governmental international organization with a membership of 163 national standard bodies. ISO is credited for publishing more than 2100 international standards, covering almost every industry, from technology, to food safety, to aviation and healthcare. By adopting the ISO 27001 framework, Digital Edge will protect businesses from threats, including internet fraud, hacking, overseeing of transactions and other cyber security threats.

Undergoing the process of getting certified by ISO is vital to Digital Edge because these standards evaluate process effectiveness and better structures company management and growth. Digital Edge’s clients will always be insured with quality services with the core value of “Stability, Security, Efficiency, and Compliance”. Digital Edge received this certification with minor and no major non-conformities, proving once again that our security processes are constant. 

Receiving the ISO 27001 certification, proves that Digital Edge’s processes meet the best quality and security standards for our clients. Digital Edge guarantees our clients and partners are receiving outstanding services, demonstrating our serious commitment to these security controls.


Cisco ISE Implementation for Corporate BYOD Policy

Digital Edge was engaged by a US based hardware manufacturer to implement Cisco Identity Manager and BYOD Policies. The client infrastructure is deployed in US Based headquarters, 2 offshore development offices, 2 datacenters, and AWS web services.

The project was successfully delivered and accepted in April 2017. 



IMN’s Cloud Service Provider CEO Panel

At The Provider Forum on Data Centers & Cloud Services Infrastructure (East), in Washington DC, on June 9, 2016, Digital Edge’s own, Michael Petrov participated as a panelist for the IMN’s Cloud Service Provider CEO Panel. Michael was proud to be joined by three other top CEO’s in the field, Peter Feldman, CEO of Datagryd, Yan Ness, CEO of Online Tech, and Steven Vincinaza, CEO of Cirrity. This high quality panel was moderated by Kemal Hawa, a Shareholder from Greenberg Traurig, LLP. 

The audience was engaged and excited to hears this panels answers to questions like: 

  • “What are you doing to remain competitive in a market dominated by a few 800 pound gorillas? Are you specializing? Will there continue to be opportunities for mid-market providers? How do you see your business model evolving?”
  • “Is a national scale needed today? How are you building out your ecosystem? What are your growth strategies? Where do you see untapped opportunities? What do you look for in a partner?” 
  • “How are end-user needs/expectations evolving? How are you meeting these? What does it take to stand out from the crowd in Cloud services marketing, sales and delivery today?”
  • “Cyber security and risk management: How are you protecting your clients’ data? How are you managing these costs? What is the future of security in the Cloud?”

This panel was a big success! Great Job Mike!


Evolve: Evolution of the Data Center

On Tuesday, April 5, Digital Edge was pleased to be a Premier Sponsor of Evolve: Evolution of the Data Center, a networking event focused on discussing IT Solutions that can improve efficiencies of the data center and the B2B environment.  As our industry rapidly evolves, there was packed house at the iconic Monarch Rooftop Lounge in Manhattan gathered together to exchange knowledge and network. 

As a top-tier, Enterprise Cloud Solution Provider, Digital Edge’s CEO, Michael Petrov gave a crowd pleasing presentation on the price efficiency of Managed Enterprise Cloud Solutions vs. Unmanaged Public Cloud. If you want to check Digital Edge’s Cloud Price Assessment tool, please click here! Additionally, if you have an RFP or a project and want us to participate in the conversation, please click here

Together with our partners, Telehouse, Fujitsu, Huawei, and PSSC Labs, Digital Edge was proud to have hosted the “must attend” event of the spring, while gaining and sharing insights and building relationships with colleagues, clients, partners, prospects, and friends. Thank you all to attended and Digital Edge looks forward to seeing you again soon! Check out our photos from the night here!


Digital Edge Pledges to Continue Hiring Veterans with Our New Hero 2 Hired Partnership

With our new alliance, we hope to deepen our commitment to hiring our heroes. 


Our New Telx Partnership Takes D.E. to Texas



Digital Edge – HIPAA Approved

As Government regulatory laws continue to change, all healthcare plans, providers and clearing houses are mandated to adhere to new stringent HIPAA compliancy guidelines. In light of severe penalties and fines associated with violationsof Security and Breach Notification Rules, the risk of engaging with 3rd party business associates can become intimidating.

Digital Edge is proud to announce that we are a trustworthy HIPAA compliant vendor that has successfully serviced clients in the healthcare industry for over 10 years.

DE will remain certified to support companies in the medical industry under anyintroduced modifications. This means that we ensure the continued safety and non-disclosure of any and all data managed by Digital Edge.


2012 NJIT Capstone Showcase.

April 30, 2012, Michael Petrov, Digital Edge’s CEO participated in the judgment of this year’s Spring 2012 Capstone Showcase. Alongside Jay Awardena, AT&T CSO, Luke Iorio, President & CEO of the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching IPEC, and Tom Brennan, OWASP Foundation International Board of Directors / NY Chapter Leader and former FBI Infragard member of Board of Directors.

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