Digital Edge provides the best Cloud based environment for financial industry professionals

Digital Edge provides the best Cloud based environment for financial industry professionals processing and storing their data in the Cloud enabling secure, convenient remote working in a dedicated environment with NIST compliant security controls, ready for SOC 1 and 2 audits.


*Stable99.99% uptime guarantee. Uptime guarantee. Single, fully dedicated cloud processing environment with VPN access. All data is automatically backed up daily within a Business Continuity context. Historical archiving is available.  

*Efficient: No need to manage hardware. No need to install and support software on multiple computers. All team members are working in the same secured environment remotely.

*Compliant: meets or exceeds required Compliance frameworks, regulations, laws.

*CyberSecurity: Two phase authentication, VPN access, automatic in-transit or at-rest data encryption, protection from viruses and malware. Best practices preventing data disclosure or capture, password disclosure, breach or ransomware attack. 24X7 CyberSecurity response team. 

*Freedom: No long-term commitment; Staff works freely, securely using the same environment from anywhere using their own devices (laptops, desktops, tablets).


Flexible plans are available:






Employee Size

1-3 employees

3-8 employees

8-20 employees

more than 20


250 GB

500 GB

750 GB



4 hours

8 hours

20 hours






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All plans include the following features:

  1. Fees for initial assessment and assistance to move into the cloud are waived.
  2. Monthly service.
  3. 99.99% Uptime guarantee.
  4. Fully dedicated, secure, private, remote Cloud processing & storage environment.
  5. All data and traffic is fully encrypted, in-transition & at-rest data (self-encrypted SSDs, VPN).
  6. VPN access with two phase authentication.
  7. NIST Core compliant; Ready for SOC 1&2 reporting.
  8. 24/7 Support hours included. 
  9. Automatic daily back up within a Business Continuity framework (2 backups always kept) additional backup options are available at $0.05G
  10. Historical archive option is available.
  11. Single working environment for all remote employees, accessible via their own desktops, laptops, tablets.
  12. MS Office 365 license included.
  13. Operating System Licenses included.
  14. Access to Financial Services applications knowledgeable IT Support team.
  15. Financial Service and application knowledgeable IT Support team


If you have immediate needs, experienced a failure or security incident, or seek a more robust and flexible IT environment, please contact our 24/7 Support Team.

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