Board of Directors

Michael Petrov Digital EdgeMichael Petrov (Founder, Chief Executive Officer)

Michael brings 20 years of experience as an information architect, optimization specialist and operations’ advisor. His experience includes extensive high-profile project expertise, such as mainframe and client server integration for Mellon Bank, extranet systems for Sumitomo Bank, architecture and processing workflow for alternative investment division of US Bank.

Michael is the creator of multiple security and compliance products such as Network Razor and File2Doc.  
Educated as a Nuclear Engineer, Michael spent six years creating proprietary programming for monitoring and automation of processes of Nuclear Power Plants. Michael uses his experience and approach of multiple layers of protection and defense applying them to Information Technology Management and Security. He holds advanced degrees in systems development, and has designed multiple solutions providing high performance and availability.

“Digital Edge was born with a DNA of a serious Information Technology engineering multiply by care for the outcome. Yes we care about client satisfaction but our DNA is forcing us to satisfy the client through outstanding technology solutions that are Stable, Secure, Efficient and Compliant. 

If we have to work more, we will work more, not only because there is a signature on the contract, but because our DNA pushes us to deliver technology that works for the client. There is nothing else satisfy us more than client's confirmation, that anything we build or support, works exactly as client wants with 100% uptime.

We enjoy delivering complex projects, finding solutions, using creativity in delivering our 4 promises that make the foundation of Digital Edge - Stability, Security, Efficiency and Compliance. We grow our team strong, smart, creative and pushy. We are strong in architecting and implementing because we can program. We are strong in programming because we know what good architecture is and how to architect so it is easy to support.

When you work with us, you will see our attention to your needs. You will have us on conference calls and meetings, as much as you need us. We will always take your side, we are never going to be bias to software or hardware giants. We will select their products not by their names and marketing materials but by effectiveness of their products playing own role in delivering IT solutions. We will not stop working until we are sure that the solution is:

  1. Technologically sound and efficient 
  2. Fulfill your needs 
  3. Secured

We have a long history- I personally grew up with the industry starting programming mainframes with punch cards coding for needs of Nuclear Engineering in 1990s. Digital Edge grew through client servers, e-commerce, virtualization, cloud and we have long technology journey ahead of us. The industry is great and we love it. We saw it all, we are part of it all, we participate in building it and can see through it. When we see new technology we know what it is made of.

And we are happy to share our skills and experience with our clients.” – Michael Petrov, CEO


Michael Nikhamov Digital EdgeMichael Nikhamov (Chief Financial Officer)

Michael Nikhamov became CFO in 1998, and is a unique combination of both pragmatist and visionary. His methodologies and foresight have been fundamental contributors in the growth and success of Digital Edge. For the decade prior to joining Digital Edge, Michael was CFO and cofounder of an NYC-based wireless reseller, which he grew from concept, to one of the largest companies of its kind.

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