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Security LevelsSecurity today is all about Data Governance. With multiple vectors of attacks from outside and inside the network, perimeters and micro-segmentation is not the complete answer to today’s threats. Digital Edge’s approach to security is structural and methodical. Starting from single instance implementation through full infrastructure protection security framework, we navigate our clients to the end goal: compliance, reporting, automation, and enforcement.

Digital Edge is proud to use one of the best security methodologies in the business:

1. We analyze the data; determining who owns it, who has access it and how this access is being monitored;

2. We define the best security policies for your business, while detecting and documenting risks and remediation;

Evaluate Multiple Security Approaches3. We implement a set of standard tools, technologies and defined security policies. Digital Edge Automation Team ensures that security tools are reporting data into centralized Security Information Management (SIM) system;

4. We provide overall monitoring and protection services with our own Security Operation Center (SOC) that focuses on:

  1. Alert Analysis
  2. Incident Responding
  3. Subject Matter Experts escalation
  4. Security Incident Response Team (SIRT) coverage

Whether you simply need to assess your current security protocols, run security scans, prepare for an audit, remediate a current threat or automate the process for ongoing governance and compliance – Digital Edge is your solution. Contact us today and let our free Security Assessment offer show you how valuable Digital Edge can be to your business!

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