Network Operations Center (NOC)


Our NOC / Level 1 / Level 2 Services 

  Digital Edge
Team Comparison
Realtime Management Oversight Shift Manager 24/7
Dedicated Account/Project Manager YES
Dedicated Technical Engineer YES
Direct contacts YES
Bench of Junior/mid-level engineers YES
Access Environment Firewalled, jump box over VPN, client defined ports and protocols
Accessing Equipment Jump box protected by endpoint protection
Access protocols Defined by client
Access security Client policy defined. Client AD, RADIUS etc. 
Security compliance Onboarding and termination integration
Tier 1/Level 1 Support
Live Eyes on Alert Dashboard YES, 24/7, at least 2 people
Alert Review YES, automatic alert classification by the system
Alert Handling Within 10 minutes. human alert verification
Ability to automatically assign SOP to an alert YES, system driven
Ability to define custom escalation per alert YES, system driven, connection to knowlege base 
Alert escalation To internal Level 2, internal SME, third party, client
Tier 2/Level 2 support
Live remote hands support In Digital Edge datacenters YES
Issues passing between L1 to L2 YES
Human logs and other conditions YES - will be defined as schedules SOPs, each even is registered as a ticket 
Identify what to monitor YES - working with clients to tune monitoring processes
Define and create monitoring points YES
Best Practices YES for performance, uptime, security
User simulation and monitoring  YES - Unique monitoring methodology for user experience and performance
Shared NOC portal YES
Client monitoring system YES - bonding of clients monitoring system with Digital Edge's
Client ticketing system YES - bonding of clients ticketing system with Digital Edge's
Dashboards Digital Edge dashboarding integrated
Team integrations YES. Digital Edge works as an extension to clients IT
Scheduled meetings YES
Scheduled performance reviews YES
Reporting YES - Automated through Digital Edge portal
Reporting for ISO compliance YES
Reporting for NIST compliance YES
Reporting for HIPAA compliance YES
Reporting for PCI compliance YES
Reporting for SOC compliance YES
Logging for compliance YES - Internally with Elastic / Logstash / Kebana


Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night by your monitoring system? Did you have too many tools, and too many false positive/nuisance alarms? Are you too busy with putting out fires, instead of focusing on growing your business? Are you tasked with increasing uptime and support, without increasing your headcount?

NOC 1Whether you’re a small business with a handful of critical devices, or have an IT footprint as complex as your global enterprise, someone has to monitor the IT systems that power your business. Digital Edge’s NOC support will meet the most demanding needs of your technology environment and operational workflow. We will be there before you know that something even happened, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Digital Edge specializes in monitoring and support automation. We deploy our own solution or integrate with clients’ third-party monitoring tools to deliver the best in class NOC services. Once the platform is in place, our highly experienced, US-based network engineers monitor your networks, servers, websites, applications and other core IT infrastructure 24/7 to help you deliver 99.999% uptime for your business. When an alert occurs, we take immediate action. A trouble-ticket is generated automatically and our live engineers analyze the situation filtering out false positive alerts, comparing with escalation procedures which could be an email, SMS messages or a phone calls made to your staff, carriers, vendors or third parties. We also can perform Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) defined by you to remediate a standard situation – things like opening carrier tickets, killing & restarting applications, executing scripts, resetting interfaces, rebooting hosts or escalating to our Second Level support.

Let our free “Proof of Concept” Program show you how valuable Digital Edge can be in managing your entire IT platform, so you can focus on your projects, while we focus on your technology.


Our mission is to guarantee a stable and secure network operations to all our clients – 24/7. Digital Edge’s NOC staff maintains a vigilant eye every minute of every hour, on critical and noncritical technology, so that your operation runs smoothly and uninterrupted, ensuring ‘round-the-clock’ reliable performance. As your business grows, your IT grows – in size and complexity. No matter the size of your IT infrastructure, networks or applications, we have you covered.

Digital Edge provides a myriad of services to ensure all operational support needs are met:

  • 24/7/365 LIVE support.
  • Event Monitoring and Management
  • SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) based troubleshooting and problem resolution
  • Performance Management
  • On-Demand NOC Support
  • Integration Services
  • Advanced Runbook Services
  • Provisioning Support

NOC 2Efficiency

It is not easy to organize real 24/7 coverage for your operation. Many companies carry duty pagers. That adds stress level to their staff. Shifts have to be organized and managed. Any sick day or a vacation schedule can create a situation where no one is attending to your infrastructure. “Sorry I slept and didn’t hear the call” – is not an excuse anymore. No need to operate a larger than necessary IT team with the added worries of insurance coverage, 401Ks, taxes, workers compensations, personal issues etc. With Digital Edge you are covered with a live support – 24/7 for a fraction of the price.

Digital Edge’s clients have access to an entire team of Subject Matter Experts with varied experiences, skillsets and exposure to multiple IT related issues. Because Digital Edge works with so many different technologies, we can add a tremendous amount of value to your IT department by supporting your systems. We also know how important it is to manage capital and operating expenses wisely. At Digital Edge, we will stay awake so you don’t have to. Our team monitors your network performance 24/7, and we won’t wake you up with false alarms. We will provide the necessary hardware, software, customization, automation, maintenance and monitoring under an affordable Software as a Service (SaaS) model. When a problem appears, we’ll take action – from alerting you to optional remediation.


Digital Edge is firmly committed to rigorous security standards, and we utilize the latest technologies, protocols and operational best practices to close vulnerabilities, deal with threats and protect your business. We provide support and auditing as a third party vendors to many of the most secured US enterprises. It is easy to work with us, as we are familiar with industries regulations, standards and frameworks. Our trained and knowledgeable staff, is armed with the tools set with the highest security standards and policies.


Digital Edge’s 24×7 NOC performs IT tasks in alignment with most of industry requirements and compliances. We are audited by our clients on regular bases, providing reports, controls and policies to their internal and external auditors. Our clients find it extremely convenient to have a partner who becomes a part of their own compliance process. We are ready to integrate with any industry requirements that exist on the market today.

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